Take advantage of Windows Ink for drawing

InkPaint is a Windows® Ink-based drawing app with tools to take advantage of advanced pen tip shapes.

Draw in digital ink

Draw, sketch and write on your device as you do on paper with Windows Ink. With a high-quality and low-latency flow from the tip of your pen, writing on your screen has the capability to really replace paper once and for all.
Windows 10 Anniversary Update places ink front and center with the introduction of new capabilities such as the pencil and ruler, and the ability to handle pen & touch simultaneously.

Screenshot of InkPaint on a PC

InkPaint works like a standard drawing app, but does not handle pixels or curves like most other drawing apps do. Instead it is entirely based on digital ink, giving you the tools to write and draw with configurable pens and pencils for calligraphic or artistic effects.

Stencils complete the digital drawing experience. The standard Ruler is available to help you draw straight lines and parallels. The Grid stencil makes it very easy to draw horizontal and vertical lines on a graph paper by guiding your ink along the lines.

Since it uses Windows Ink, the ink can be copied and pasted to and from other ink-compatible applications such as Microsoft® Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...), keeping its digital ink capabilities instead of being converted to images.

Forget about pixels

Drawing of an eye in SVG

Computers and other digital displays use pixels to show images. But with the wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, storing images as pixels becomes a limitation as they need to be scaled to accommodate the screen. Losing in quality when scaled up, or using larger files and more memory than necessary when scaled down.

InkPaint lets you export to common raster image formats such as PNG or JPEG if that is what you need, but it can also export to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), the standard for vector graphics on the Web.
This lets you show your drawings on Web pages with lightweight SVGZ files that display perfectly at any resolution, and scale smoothly for responsive design.

See that eye on the right? It is less than 5 KB! Try zooming on it in your browser to see how it scales.
The same image as a 282×213 pixels PNG would be over 25 KB, and wouldn't scale.

SVG and SVGZ files can be used in Web pages as sources for <img> tags and CSS backgrounds, as easily as raster images but without their scaling limitations.
Alternatively, InkPaint lets you inline ink directly in your pages using HTML5. This means you don't need separate files for small handwritten notes or sketches.

Using inline SVG, or an SVG/SVGZ file displayed using an <object> tag, gives you access to the SVG DOM from within the page, which means you can apply CSS and JavaScript effects to ink strokes. This can be used to create dynamic visual effects such as below... (which takes less than 5 KB of SVGZ & JavaScript)

Sorry, your browser does not support SVG objects. Animated logo cannot be shown.

More coming soon

And we're just getting started! We plan to support advanced stencils to help with curves and perspectives.
We also have a server-side technology to render ink and animate it in web pages, and are working on providing a companion website to publish and show your drawings replays, directly from InkPaint files.
We're also already testing Live Ink, a network ink streaming technology, enabling live sessions where people can see drawings in their browser directly as it is being drawn by the artist.

Want to see what's possible with InkPaint and WebInk ?
Head over to Axelle "Psychée" Bouet test pages, built using a preview version of Web Ink

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