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Phone: +41 (22) 734 67 10
Fax: +41 (22) 734 67 11


Windows Phone Diagnostics Toolset

Apps for telephones "022-DIAL-APP" (+41 22 342 52 77)
Available apps: Clock, MétéoGE, MétéoLA, Calc, TicTacToe, Match, Code, Janken, Ship, HiLo, CopyMe, PairOff, WhoAmI, QotD
(Dial the app name at the prompt, followed by the # key - Standard call rates apply to this number)
Contact card for DIAL-an-APP / Outlook version

Accessories for Lync : Clock, Weather (for Geneva, CHE), Weather (for Lausanne, CHE), Calculator
Games for Lync : Tic-Tac-Toe, Match-the-pairs, Code Breaker, Janken, Battleship, Higher or Lower, Copy Me, Pair-off
Utilities for Lync : Who Am I, Quote of the Day
(Lync VoIP calls, requires Lync Federation using our certification authority)

Technical links Certification Authority (installer for Windows) Certification Authority (certificate alone in .CRT) Certification Authority (certificate alone in .CER for WP8)